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"Bev Sullivan’s incredible spirit and organizing talents brought me home to myself in a way I could never have imagined. Working with her is a healing journey from chaos to home. She is a true earth angel." Francine Pokracki, M.D., Denver

"Bev doesn’t just make organizing suggestions --she also jumps right in and helps you get started making changes.  I was energized by her enthusiastic style and the positive energy that came from organizing my life." Ann K. Long, Retired, Denver

"As the personal organizer in my home and business for the past 8 years, Bev meets regularly with me for “Stay Organized” visits. Over time she has eliminated  acres of clutter. Not only does she organize but she also utilizes her amazing interior design and decorating skills while working.  Being an avid recycler, I really appreciate Bev’s passion for recycling. I love the “take away” service she provides. She easily found  new homes for my unwanted possessions. It isn’t just organizing she does in my home and office, it’s emotional liberation!" Patricia Renner, the Tax Lady, Denver

"I knew there were inefficiencies in my home office but could not identify them. Bev Sullivan quickly and expertly diagnosed the problems around the mismanagement of my time and space. She helped me experience the benefits of organizing so I could learn why it’s important for me to stay that way. Bev makes organizing a fun, nonjudgmental experience. It was fabulous!" Kathy Bacon, Director Non-Profit, Littleton

"I appreciated Bev Sullivan’s noncritical organizing style and her ability to teach me as we moved through years of accumulation. She quickly and efficienty transformed my home into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Now I feel more in control of my life, and I have greater peace of mind." Mary Reinsma, Artist, Golden

"As a busy mother of two babies, I was feeling overwhelmed after moving into a new house. My kitchen was the biggest challenge as I had limited space. By using Bev Sullivan’s professional organizing services the kitchen was transformed into a user friendly work center free of clutter. Her practical organizing methods helped me save time and energy. I truly see that getting organized is a necessary component to personal productivity." Amy Harrison, Homemaker, Castle Rock

"My toddler and new baby share a bedroom. Their closet was a disorganized disaster. Bev Sullivan worked her organizing magic and created space I never knew I had. She suggested kid-friendly organizing products. I greatly appreciated the shopping service she provides. She bought and installed the organizing  items which saved me precious time. Her knowledge of organizing products and systems helped simplify my life." Natalie Turner, Homemaker, Denver

"Thank you so much for organizing my paper work by setting up the user-friendly File Solutions filing system. I was totally overwhelmed by accumulated paperwork. Bev Sullivan worked alongside me and helped me determine what I needed to keep and toss. It brought me  tremendous peace of mind knowing my paperwork is organized, and I can find it quickly and easily." Stephanie Garnica, Business Manager, Denver

"I give Bev Sullivan full credit for helping me learn how to stop wasting time and money in the everyday operations of my business. Hiring a trained organizing professional was the best thing I did for my business.   With her thorough needs assessment she uncovered problems I did not see.  Her action plan helped me achieve my business goals more efficiently. My business is growing thanks to her organizing expertise." Scott Turner, Business Owner, Denver

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