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Life is messy
NOW is the perfect time to organize

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Rethink Reuse Reduce Recycle Respect

As an earth-friendly professional organizer, I strongly believe we have a moral obligation to practice conscientious, respectful organizing. Mother earth deserves our loving care and to me that means finding a new home for unwanted objects.

For more information on recycling resources please email me.

1. Recycle

2. Appliances (Small))
Those that need replacement parts can be salvaged.

3. Building Materials
Habitat for Humanity 303-722-5863
BUDS (Building Unity and Dignity Through Service) 303-296-3990.

4. Cell Phone Recycling

5. China, Crystal, Silver
LaCache, a non-profit consignment shop, will sell your vintage collections. You receive 67% of the selling price.

6. Clothes (Interview Suits)
Dress for Success,
Seasonal rules apply.

7. Computer Recycling
 Do not send computers to the landfill .They are minefields of environmental toxins. They contain enough lead to contaminate the fragile ecosystem.

8. Eyeglasses
Lenscrafters 1-800-522-Lens or a Lions Club near you.

9. Freecycle
Eliminate an array of stuff at this site.

10. Hazardous Waste
Call 303-640-1675 for details.

11. Ink Cartridges
Refills are available at Walgreens and Office Max.
Recycle at or Office Depot, Office Max

12. Junk
1-800-Got-Junk? recycles all materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

13. Medications
Do not flush unused or expired medications down the toilet as this adversely affects the environment..
Call your pharmacy for disposal details.

Project Cure (Non-Profit ) picks up unexpired medication.  

14. Paint (Old)
Hazardous waste 303-640-1675

15. Techno Trash(Cassette Tapes, Videos, CDs, Computers)  is a place to responsibly and securely dispose of all techno trash.


1. Airline Miles (Unused)
Donate unused miles to Make-a-Wish foundation or airline mileage programs.

2. Camping Tips
Practice and teach others about the “Pack It Out” food and trash disposal strategy.  

3. Fire Resistant Box
Use this for storing your original vital documents. It is cheaper than a bank safety deposit box and more easily accessible.

4. Instruction Manuals
Almost every manual can be found on line. Recycle the paper version.

5. Package Pickup
Visit to have your package picked up at your home or business or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

6. Paper Reducing Option
Scan bills or magazine articles onto your hard drive. Save them on a rewritable CD as backup. Recycle the information you scanned.

 7. The In-Out Rule
Eliminate clutter with this practice. Buy something new and recycle the one you are replacing. Place papers in a file and shred the outdated information.

8. Paper Products

9. Rethink-Unplug
Unplug the electrical items you are not using constantly. They draw electrical power even when not in use.

10. Videos, Slides, and Prints
Transfer to Cds or DVDs at Target and Walgreens

11. Wills
70% of Americans die without a will.
Check out

12. Reducing Junk Mail, Email, and Phone Calls

To Stop Credit Card and Loan Solicitations or call 888-567-8688.

To Stop Spam Email

“Do- Not- Call” for Cell Phones or call from your cell phone 888-382-1222.

“Do- Not- Call” for Land Lines

Mailing Lists
Remove the name of a deceased person from mailing lists at

Remove your name from mailing lists at There is a small fee for online registration.

Write, call or email these big list sellers to remove your name.
Advo, Inc.
Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 249
Windsor, CT 06095

P.O. Box 282
Broomfield, CO 80038

Donnelly Marketing
Database Operations
416 S. Bell
Ames, IA 50010

List Maintenance
901 West Bend
Lincoln, NE 68521

How to Stay Off Marketing Lists.
>>Do not fill out contests forms
>>Do not send in warranty cards
>>Call your credit card company and request that they do not sell your name and information.
>>Publish your name and phone number only in the phone book.
>>When you donate money write “do not sell or trade” my name and information.  
>>Call your bank and have your name removed from shared mailing lists.
>> When buying online or by phone request that your account be marked “my name is  not to be traded or sold.”
>>Call catalog companies and cancel catalogs you no longer want to receive. Request that your name be removed from their mailing list or use

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